Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soul Underground returns ..Saturday 25th September 2010

I think Ive finalised all the details now for our new night ,we are very pleased to welcome back Sutty (Paul Sutton) who has been behind the decks on numerous occasions for us ..I think probably at all of the venues we've been housed in and even going back as far as Albrighton ..we love him ,he knows exactly the kind of vibe we like yet always keeps things unexpected and never safe

Paul Goldsmith also needs little introduction ,he has been a great supporter and friend to Soul Underground since the days of The Britannia.All round nice guy who consistantly presents one of the best new music shows around and brings that same vibe to the dancefloor in a live situation.

Glenn will be drumming along when he feels like it because we all love him :-)

Jamie and I will fill in the gaps beginning the night with lots of quality new music and ending it on a bit of a party 'send em home' happy type of groove

Fish will be set up with all his wonderful array of cd's and vinyl which makes things even more special.

We've been in touch with a lot of our friends from the Wharf days and for this particular event we will be hoping to recapture the feeling that we all used to get back there aided by backdrop of fresh new tunes..just how it always used to be ;-)
If you've been before then we can't wait to see you again and if you havent then we would love to welcome you to our night .



al said...

hey lin,
never got to the old venues but will def be on the dancefloor at this new venture...Alex x

Colin Curtis said...

This is the best news for people who care about their music !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin, Small scottish contingent
(5) making thier way down , some for the first time, rooms booked and best dancing breeks on.
Really looking forward to our first visit.
Willie mckenzie & Brian Ballantyne.
Along with John mac,Daisy and Heather.